The focus of Rising Stars Academy is the world of food and concept of “farm to plate”.

The program includes a community garden and greenhouse, along with a commercial kitchen a fully functional restaurant open to the public for meals and bakery items. Students will simultaneously be furthering their academic education with CRS Corrective Reading, CRS Corrective Math and college and career readiness classes.

Students learn where food comes from; how they can grow their own produce; prepare meals for consumption; and serve these meals to the public; as well as other aspects of the food industry, such as agriculture, food production, and service. All of these skills will be accomplished while reinforcing academic programs that they learn in their classrooms.

We use agriculture and the mantra “farm to plate” to instill employment skills, and healthy, proper nutritional food choices into our students’ daily lives. Through this type of contextual learning, we help our students understand how to grow food, the value of that food in their bodies, and, more importantly, increase their self-esteem as they see the finished product of their efforts.

CRS Corrective Reading data

80% of students had an improved reading score 80%
79% of students’ thinking skills improved.  79%